Ryo Tanaka

October 6, 1995
Kyoto, Japan
Electronics and Infomatics
Baseball, Mahjong
Kitakuwada Highschool
Pork Bone Ramen


・Al/IGZO/Al Memristor (New!)
・Hardware Neural Network
・Exploring the Atlantis Continent(not yet)
・Submarine exploration at the Mariana Trench(not yet)

What's Artificial Neural Networks ?

Artificial neural networks are biomimetic thinking machines that imitate biological neural networks in living brains. They are promising novel systems for studies of information processing, and they have many advantages, such as self-organization, self-teaching, parallel distributed computing, and fault tolerance. These advantages are obtained by connecting a large number of neurons with a larger number of synapses in order to imitate human brains. Supervised learning and unsupervised learning are expected by using the plasticity of the synaptic connection strength adjusted intentionally and unintentionally, respectively.

I have dreams...

・Going to space travel
・Going to the deep sea for adventure


My favorite word is "Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion."
Barry Lamar Bonds is the MLB player that I respect most.